Original Beats By dre beatbox vs b&w Zeppelin

With portable devices and convenience becoming many peoples’ music source and priority, the IPod dock system has replaced the traditional stereo in most of our homes. As for reputable choices their is the B&W Zeppelin air, NAD VISO 1, and Bose SoundDock, all of which will run $200+. The BeatBox made by the cable giant Monster,

DBx-bx3 vs sony ta-n80es

The under $500 used power amp market is pretty stacked with lots of potentially good options. Over the last two months we have compared the Sony TA-N80ES and the DBX BX3. Both of these amplifiers are solid choices in their price range and embarrass a lot of “modern” amps. They will both drive most loudspeakers

The Budget Dac Shootout

It is 2015 and it seems that after years of bad sound being acceptable by the masses, people are rediscovering good sound. The Beats by Dre headphones might not have been an audiophile headphone or a good value for the money but what they did do was make good sound quality important again. Sure they may

Acoustic Research AR90 Review

I remember seeing a set of these at a local used HiFi shop about 10 years ago. Their large, multi-driver appearance really stood out in a shop full of monitors, turntables, and amplifiers. They were set-up in about the only decent listening space in the crusty old shop so I figured they were at least

Adcom GFA-545 II & GTP-450 Review

If you have been into HiFi for a while you’ve probably heard or read about Adcom. Adcom is widely known to be a brand that offers excellent performance/dollar. I remember the rave reviews by Stereophile for many products from Adcom. But, until you listen for yourself on your own gear against like products it is

The Budget CD Player Shootout

CD players are in a tough spot currently. On the one hand, many people are using a computer and external DAC for their source, then their is the recent surge in vinyl. I like vinyl and I have a computer based system but I still love to listen to my huge CD collection from time

ELAc uni-fi ub5 review

When I first heard Andrew Jones was moving to ELAC from Pioneer I did not really know what to think of it. The two companies could not be any further from each other from size to structure. As soon as we reviewed the Debut series, his first design with ELAC, we knew that this new

Digital source reviews

The cheap cd player shootout 7  CD Players Under  $500 Go Head to Head. Nakamichi CDP-2A with the famed TDA 1541 Yamaha CDX 1030 Heavy weight class A player Cambridge 640A Marantz CD6005 Adcom GCD-600 Sony C85ES cd players Nakamichi OMS-2A Nakamichi CDP-2A Denon DCD-3520 Denon DCD-1500 Sony DVP-s7000 Sony DVP-s7700 Sony CDP-C85ES Sony CDP-208ESD Adcom

Car audio reviews

component speakers Rainbow Profi CS365 Vanadium Rainbow SLC 265.NG MB Quart PCE-216 JBL MS-62C Alpine SPX-17Pro Lightning Audio S2.525C Source Units Pioneer DEH-80PRS Eclipse 8053 Sony CDX-C910 Amplifiers Soundstream Reference 300 ARC Audio XXK-4050 Eclipse Premium 32440 MB Quart DSC450

Misc component reviews

Ipod Dock reviews  Original Beats By Dre BeatBox  Logitech S715I Sonos Play 3  Sonos Play 5 Current 2016 Beats By Dre Beatbox  B&W Zeppelin Air Monster Clarity One HD ​ Headphones reviews Grado SR80i Beats By Dre Ibeats Bose Sound True Audio Technica ATH-M50S Klipsch S4 II

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Inside the components

AMPLIFICATION Sony TA N80ES DBX BX3 Nakamichi RE-2 Kenwood KR-6400 Sony TA -F707es Yamaha AU-900X Yamaha R-100 Adcom GFA-545II SPEAKERS Sony SS A3B Infinity RSe Infinity RS 325 Infinity RS6 JBL L40 Kef C15 Sansui LM-330 MB Quart QLS-1030 Boston CR77 Bayaudio BeBop

Under $1000 DAc Shootout

Introduction 32 bit, 384kHz, ultra-low distortion,  “Up to” 130dB S/N Ratio(A-weighted), Maximum linear power supply, Time domain jitter Eliminator, blah, blah, blah!  Endless filler words from marketing teams ring through my ears as I researched DAC’s for this review. Navigating through the word salad that manufacturers use to make their product stand out amongst the